One of the biggest condition monitoring service fleet in the Asian Market

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Vibration Analysis

With the expertise of our team & accuracy of our advanced vibration monitoring results, you can be certain that your equipment is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

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In-Situ Dynamic Analysis

End the hassles of dismantling for balancing. We bring you on-site computerized dynamic balancing which helps increase the bearing life of machinery.

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Laser Alignment

Specialized laser equipment with maximum accuracy of alignment for all the rotating equipment for trouble-free operation within a short duration.

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Turbo Machinery & Compressor

Service expert crews for installation, replacement, maintenance and ad-hoc repair of high-speed turbines and compressors to keep you stress-free

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Lube Oil Analysis

Make wiser decisions with the help of periodic sampling of your lube oils, with on-site oil analysis, which helps you to save time and money.

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Motor Current Signature Analysis

Advanced predictive maintenance tool that is rapidly gaining acceptance to identify mechanical faults with high accuracy using frequency data

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Asset Management Services

Management and maintenance consultancy services that improve your plant performance keeping it reliable and available round the clock increasing its efficiency

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Ultrasonic Testing

Subtle defects create noticeable changes in ultrasonic sound levels that can be detected with this non-invasive predictive mechanism.

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Finite Element Analysis

Simulating the actions of a part or assembly in specific situations to understand and quantify their effects under real-world circumstances

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Training Programs

Empower your team with the necessary knowledge for daily operations and crisis management at your plant from our experts

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

Analysing heat radiation with thermal imaging systems and trained specialists to diagnose fault conditions in your machinery

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Remote/Online Monitoring

Even while we are away, we always have an eye on your machinery, analyzing all the necessary data for it to deliver results with higher efficiency

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Engineering Consultancy

Proficient engineers and technicians with hands-on experience in different industries to help you manage and maintain your plants

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Non-Destructive Testing

Expert testing and evaluation of a product, component, or assembly at your plant without damaging the serviceability or usage of it

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Aswartha Condition Monitoring Engineers (ACME) is a global leader in the field of predictive maintenance and condition monitoring services with over 3 decades of experience in monitoring and maintaining machinery and equipment of various medium to large scale industries across India and Asia with the most advanced robotic monitoring systems that can predict the problem much before one can even sense it! This helps the business owners maximize their profits while their plants operate with higher availability, reliability and efficiency

Mr G.N.Raju, the founder of ACME, with his immeasurable expertise in the field of vibration analysis, In-situ Dynamic balancing and other condition monitoring services made ACME, a pioneer in resolving complex vibration issues in Turbo Machinery Steam Turbines of capacity from 1 MW TO 800 MW and Gas Turbines up to Frame 9 of different OEM’s while staying ahead of the conventional “Call Basis” Emergency Condition Monitoring Services with “24 x 7 concept” of Condition Monitoring in Annual Maintenance Contracts

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When it comes to handling heavy equipment like turbines, compressors etc., which are directly related to the profitability and efficiency of a company's performance, the right experts handling it the right way is very important, which ensures maximum efficiency within a short period of time. At Aswartha, all our technicians have immense hands-on experience and constantly evolving knowledge that helps predict issues forehand and easily maintain these heavy machinery keeping them available always

  • Round the clock assistance by expert technicians
  • One of the biggest condition monitoring service fleet in Asian market
  • Only company to provide online and offline condition monitoring services
  • Manpower with over 3 decades of experience
  • Solving problems with certified level 1, 2 and 3 experts
  • Emphasis on higher ROI to customer by ensuring increased availability to meet production goals


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