Eager Beavers A digital fiesta

Event Details

Event 1: Mirror Images

Class: Pre-Primary

Do a dance says one foot

Other foot says-Let's jiggle.

Hands say clap-Slappity slap.

And all of me says- Wiggle.

Family has an indispensable role in shaping the development process of the child. Value system, their perception, instincts, understanding of the world and the abilities to face challenges all come from a family. Let’s relive moments of love and care and celebrate the family love by shaking a foot with our family members on their favourite song.


  • The participant and any 1 family member will become the mirror images of each other for a short dance clip.
  • Bring creativity to the act by wearing same-coloured clothes, adding light effects, some poppy background or funny beginning or end.
  • Use of video software effects is not allowed.
  • Time limit: 2 minutes
  • No. of Participants: 1 + 1 (child & 1 family member).
  • Judgement Criteria: Syncronisation between parent and the child, Creativity, Innovation and Choreography.

Entries to be sent in the form of a you-tube link at: chopra.bhawna @gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinator-Ms. Bhawna Chopra

Event 2: Heal the World with Music

Classes: I and II

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.

Peace is the desire of every beating heart. It is the hope of every nation, the promise of every citizen and the goal of every prayer. In these challenging hours, when we hear the news of strife, it becomes our responsibility to knit the knots of worldly relationships stronger.


  • Sing a song (any English song) in a short video clip spreading the message of love and peace across the world.
  • Use of any sort of Karaoke/ Sound Effects/ background music not allowed.
  • Time limit: 2 minutes
  • No. of participants: 1
  • Costume: Relevant to the theme.
  • Judgement Criteria: Rhythm, Intonation, Choice of song, Diction.

Entries to be sent in the form of a you-tube link at: reachnidhikhosla@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinator-Ms. Nidhi Khosla, Ms. Nishtha Gandhi

Event 3: Vintage Inspiration

Classes: III and IV

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.

  • How many times have we dreamt of meeting our favorite writers and learning their skills? The mere thought of one such encounter fascinates us. So, here's an opportunity to hear our favorite writers of English Literature share their experiences.


  • Create a video of an exclusive talk show with any prominent writer of English Literature.
  • Create an ambience for the same with background, props and costumes. Give your talk show a fascinating name.
  • Duration of Video: 3 minutes
  • Number of participants- 2
  • Judgement Criteria: Content, Creativity, Dialogue Delivery and Fluency, Presentation.

Entries to be sent in the form of a you-tube link at: muskanarora474@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinator- Ms. Muskan Arora

Event 4: Game Edison

Classes: III and IV

Today Let's play a game

That doesn't beep or make a shooting sound.

We'll listen to the tiny tap

of pieces as they move around.

No buttons, no lights

No screen, no plug

Let's play a board game on the rug.

-Amy LV

Solving complex problems requires application of logic and precise thinking. When the skills of application and creativity combine, the subject of Mathematics comes alive for learners. With this in mind, let’s add a pinch of fun and innovation to our lives.


  • Design a board game based on mathematical concepts.
  • Prepare a video explaining the concept applied and the game in short.
  • Use of video software effects is not allowed.
  • Name the video as the name of the school.
  • Time limit: 2 minutes
  • No. of participants: 1
  • Judgement Criteria: Originality of Concept, Innovation and Creativity, Overall Presentation.

Entries to be sent at:srishti.khurana16@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinator- Ms. Srishti Khurana

Event 5: Clean Tech Pirates

Classes: V and VI

(Theme: Managing E-waste)

Trash and Clutter all around, not a tree in sight,

That's what our world is coming to unless we make things right!

Do your part, have a heart, be a part of the team,

If we work together we can make our planet clean.

With increasing dependence and use of technology has risen the creation of e-waste. It has become quite challenging to manage tons of e-waste generated. As responsible pillars of the nation, it is our responsibility to clean this tech waste.


  • Design innovative gadgets/ articles using the e-waste available at home (for e.g.: old batteries, cells, discarded CDs, Old and unused gadgets etc.).
  • Explain the idea behind the innovation and materials used in a short video.
  • Use of video software effects is not allowed.
  • Name the video as the name of the school.
  • Time limit: 2 minutes
  • No. of participants: 1
  • Judgement Criteria: Originality of concept, innovation and creativity, overall presentation.

Entries to be sent at: atulya2111@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com.

Event Coordinator- Ms. Atulya Chadha

Event 6: The World from my Window

Classes: V and VI

When I look outside my window,

I see the yellow orb shine,

And as I sit with my head held high,

I watch my mother earth smile.

Nature is the art of God and has its own shades of spirit. When we look outside an empowering sight of birds soaring high in the sky, the shining sun, green trees, fresh grass and blooming flowers are a treat to the eyes. They give us immense strength and inspire us to keep going.


  • Look outside the window and use a camera to capture the moments of mother nature that inspire and motivate.
  • Add a one-line caption to express the thoughts behind the captured picture.
  • Use of filters is not allowed.
  • Save the pictures in a folder and upload it on the drive (Change the access to ‘Anyone with the link’) and name the folder as the name of the school.
  • No. of participants: 1
  • No. of Pictures: 5
  • Judgement Criteria: Originality of concept, Adherence to theme, Clarity of Expression, Innovative means of delivering the message.

Entries to be sent in the form of a link at: sakshi.kohli619@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinator- Ms. Sakshi Kohli

Event 7: Solivagant

Classes: VII and VIII

Give me the long, straight road before me,

A clear, cold day with a nipping air,

Tall, bare trees to run on beside me,

A heart that is light and free from care.

Then let me go!- I care not whither

My feat may lead, for my spirit shall be

Free as the brook that flows to the river,

Free as the river flows to the sea.

-Olive Runner

Summer vacation is the most awaited time of the year in the lives of students. It gives them an opportunity to take a break from their daily routine, adopt new hobbies, explore new places and spend quality time with family and friends.

This year, as we’re unable to visit our favourite places, let’s plan a virtual tour!

This event calls out to all globetrotters to help us travel the world virtually through their eyes. Create a virtual tour of a place on your bucket list.


  • Students are to design a PowerPoint Presentation exhibiting their favourite country using maximum 15 slides. It could be any country other than India. Explain why it should be the next travel destination.
  • Name the PowerPoint Presentation as the name of the school.
  • No. of participants: 1
  • Judgement Criteria: Originality, Adherence to theme, Aesthetics, Overall presentation and voiceover.

Entries to be sent at: muskanarora474@gmail.com, sakshi.kohli619@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinators- Ms. Sakshi Kohli, Ms. Muskan Arora

Event 8: Scientists in Making

Classes: VII and VIII

I want to think like a scientist

Observing animals, earth, or sky.

I want to ask good questions

Wondering how, and what and why.

I want to make smart guesses

Hypothesizing what might happen and when.

I want to do cool experiments

Testing my thinking again and again.

I want to write up all my data,

Recording pictures, charts, or words.

I want to think through all I’ve done

Drawing conclusions about what I’ve learned.

Wondering, asking, testing, concluding.

This is what scientists do.

If you want to think like a scientist

You must do them too!

- Jennie Munson

We are grateful to the bold thinkers who dared to dream of unconventional ideas and the curious developers who formulated these ideas and turned them into reality. It is because of their efforts and inventions that we’re able to run a virtual classroom during unprecedented times like these. Even though we miss the warmth and comfort of our real classrooms, we are thankful that we have some sort of connectivity. This event is in honour of all innovators and experimenters from the field of science.


  • Make a home experiment video demonstrating the objective, hypothesis, observations and results of any science experiment.
  • Use of video software effects is not allowed.
  • Name the video as the name of the school.
  • No. of participants: 1
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Judgement Criteria: Choice of Experiment, Presentation, Conceptual Clarity.

Entries to be sent at: savitadhutti@gmail.com, atulya2111@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinator- Ms. Savita Dhutti, Ms. Atulya Chadha

Event 9: The Healthy World of 2025

Classes: V-VIII (Open Entry)

My world of dreams is a happy place,

Where days I spend without a trace,

I play, I cry, I laugh, I fly,

Every minute is a moment of joy.

Today, when the world is looking for ways to stay positive in thought and actions, children have been visualising a completely different picture of the world in near future. This is a testimony to the fact that nothing can cage their minds.

This event is a call for all those visionaries, to colour their thoughts and portray 'The Healthy World of 2025', a world which is free from disease and peaceful to liberate every heart from its inner inhibitions.


  • Design a poster on A3 size sheet depicting the idea of the world in 2025.
  • Scan the poster and name it as the name of the school.
  • No. of participants: 1
  • Judgement Criteria: Creativity, Originality, Relevance to theme and Neatness.

Entries to be sent at: kulkaur88@gmail.com & eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Event Coordinators- Ms. Kulvinder Kaur, Ms. Kalpana Kumar

Note: All the entries must be sent-

From: Either- School's E-mail-id or Event Coordinator's Email-id with following details-

  1. Name of the Participant
  2. Class of the Participant
  3. Name of the Participating School
  4. Name, Phone No. and E-mail id of the Event Coordinator.

To: Both the email-ids:

  1. Email-id of the Respective Event coordinator of the host school.
  2. School Email-id :eagerbeavers.khms@gmail.com

Last Date for Submission of Entries: 7 October, 2021


In case of queries regarding the individual event you may write to the event coordinators on email or call between 1430-1530 hrs. IST.